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Limbs flow with changes in poses

Rejuvenate the body and relax the mood.

Feel the physical, emotional, and spiritual all focused on one point,

To keep you clear and clear,

Exercise better awareness and focus.

Enjoy the balance between movement and stillness.

Enjoy focusing on the present.

Enjoy time with yourself.

Extend this state of unity to every aspect of life,

Life is healthier and more satisfying.


Personal Customized

Individual/Group Yoga Class

Personal / Group Private Class


  * Private 1 to 1 professor  

  * Private group of 2-4 people

 ​ * Fees are based on 4 lessons

📝 Customize: time/place/theme

💰 Welcome to inquire


Tai Po

Mobile yoga

Vinyasa Yoga Flow  

🕖  Every tuesday  19:00-20:00 
💰  $420 /4 lessons ​

  * This class is co-organized with Liu Yongwei District Councillor

  * No test room

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Team Customized



Regular yoga classes/ workshops

Training / Workshop

  * Short-term / long-term group classes  

  * One-time Team Building activity

  * Individual workshops on specific topics

📝 Customize: time/place/theme

💰 Welcome to inquire

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Tai Po

Mobile yoga

Vinyasa Yoga Flow  

🕖 Every Tuesday  20:00-21:00 
💰 $420 /4 lessons ​

  * This class is co-organized with Liu Yongwei District Councillor
* No test room


Diamond hill  Diamond Hill  

Yoga to improve the spine

Yoga Therapy

(Measuring texture and healing yoga)


​ * Suitable for beginners

(And suitable for: cold back + scoliosis + pelvic leaning forward and backward)


🕖 Every Sunday  12:00-13:30

💰  $1960 /8 lessons

(8 consecutive weeks)

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Diamond hill  Diamond Hill  

Mobile yoga

Vinyasa Yoga Flow

🕖 Every Thursday  19:00-20:00

💰 $440 /4 lessons (valid for 4 weeks)

Hong Kong Yoga Class Information  (HK)YOGA CLASS SCHEDULE
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Class & Schedule
Mobile yoga  Vinyasa Yoga  

Vinyasa follows Sanskrit, also known as dynamic yoga and flow yoga. Flow yoga is a later developed practice method based on Hatha and Ashtanga. The focus of mobile yoga is breathing, "tandem" and "parabola." Vinyasa means that breathing is synchronized with movement, the body is driven by breathing, and the series of yoga poses are continuously practiced. Emphasizes the connection between formulas, breathing synchronously with body and mind, expanding and contracting synchronously, expanding and concentrating energy along with it, flowing naturally, as smooth as a dance.


Another important point of mobile yoga is "series", practice can combine dynamic and static poses. It can be biased to exercise muscle endurance and balance; it can also train softness statically. In the practice, the strength of the posture has a combination of ups and downs in the arrangement, starting with gentle exercises, to strengthening physical strength and endurance, and finally returning to a more static and relaxed state, gradually opening and exercising all parts of the body.

From an energy point of view, when we are doing yoga, we draw a "parabola" in the space to lead the energy to flow to the body, and make the body, mind, breath, and the energy of nature unite, so that the sense of energy is more full and energetic. It helps to enter more difficult-to-do formulas more easily and achieve deeper effects.

What is Yoga Therapy?
(For beginners and any level suitable)

From the moment we are born to the moment we leave this world, we will always use this body.

The body is composed of 400-600 muscles and more than 200 bones.

The bones are connected by joints, as well as tendons and nerves,

Directly and accurately reflect our inner and emotional state.

Do we understand how our bodies work?

Why are we in pain or sick?

Get to know our body well and listen to it.

Let each part of the body perform its own duties and heal itself.


The course is aimed at parts and conditions related to the spine, such as: frequent neck pain, low back pain, scoliosis, cold back, shoulder blade displacement, shoulder pain, anterior or posterior disc tilt, overall left-right symmetry and balance, Build muscles, etc.


The course includes the measurement of related symptoms and the teaching of corresponding improvement methods to understand how to use different body parts more effectively. Prevents and improves body pain, balances health both internally and externally. Classrooms are taught in the form of yoga exercises and oral theory, including:

• Explain the texture structure of each body part

• Spine measurement and analysis of each participant

• Related pains, conditions, possible causes and effects

• Daily maintenance, care, strengthening

• Yoga poses and exercises to improve symptoms

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