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Atrium is dedicated to teaching yoga and meditation, as well as providing hypnotherapy services. Atrium's instructors travelled around Hong Kong, taught attentively, and continued to cooperate with different groups, companies and enterprises. The service targets and age groups are wide, including elementary school teachers and students, middle school students and university students, working people of various occupations, etc. The age group ranges from 6 to 65 years old.


We believe that "body-emotions-mind-energy" is connected and is a whole. No matter where we cut in and start to change, the whole will lead to progress. Our lives, emotions, bodies, dissatisfaction or difficulties can all be Solved easily. Atrium actively assists participants in dealing with emotional and physical problems, and at the same time puts insight and creativity on life and life, encouraging participants to accept and transform life with an open attitude, and live more possibilities and freedom.


Wish Goals

In the classroom, create a group of people who gather together to pay attention to the inside, practice together, make progress together, pursue a more comfortable and free life, and enjoy the unity of body and mind-a spiritual space is formed, which is the "atrium".

About mentors and therapists
Deng Jiabao Po Tang / Abao  


RYT-200 International Yoga Instructor, Pregnant Yoga Instructor, Quantum Hypnosis and NGH Clinical Hypnotherapist, Founder of The inners

In terms of yoga, Po Tang studied in Thailand. Based on the teaching of Vinyasa Yoga, he taught yoga classes on different topics, including stress relief classes to improve office fatigue, meditation and deep relaxation, texture measurement and healing yoga classes. Po Tang is committed to integrating knowledge of bone structure, muscles and body structure into yoga poses to help students understand the body structure or symptoms, and improve physical symptoms and pain.

At the same time, Po Tang is good at meditation and has cultivated the habit of meditation since he was 7 years old. Dedicated to assist students to perceive emotions, relieve stress, and deepen relaxation, so that yoga learning not only improves physical health, but also improves spiritual conditions, from mind to body, from the inside to the outside. Now teaches in multiple locations, including co-organizing mobile yoga classes with District Councillor Liu Yongwei in Tai Po. He also taught and co-organized group workshops at Pui O Public Primary School on Lantau Island.

In terms of hypnotherapy, Po Tang believes that all physical conditions are psychosomatic disorders, and that all dilemmas or emotional problems can be solved by communicating with the subconscious mind. Po Tang started by dealing with his own physical, mental illness and life issues, and expanded it to apply his insights and experience to hypnotherapy client cases.

Wu Zhuoqian Him Ng /  Aqian  

International Certre for Reiki Training certified "Reiki" instructor, NGH clinical hypnotherapist,

Founder of The inners


Him Ng has the inheritance of different Reiki and energy schools, including Usui Reiki Master, Karuna Reiki Master, Ancient Egyptian Reiki Master (Sekhem), Symbol Reiki Master. It is believed that through aura, starting from the energy level, it can promote overall transformation and improvement, and achieve overall progress and improvement. Instructor Qian has a lot of experience in flexibly using a variety of Reiki to deal with family issues and psychosomatic disorders, and he also provides Reiki treatments.

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