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Frustrated and traumatized? Emotionally troubled? Can't get out of the negativity? Feeling blocked? Can't see the way ahead?


Tap the cedar to clean up negative energy, remove depression, tension, and anxiety, make it clearer, help you get rid of emotional sinking, and help relieve insomnia.

[User experience sharing.] The energy of cedar is pure and gentle. Before igniting, the individual sinks into various troubles in life. After igniting for a while, it suddenly seemed to reboot and clear my mind. After taking another break, it feels like life is back on track. Sometimes before meditation, I light smoke with white sage to let myself let go of unnecessary emotions and energy.



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  • • Purify personal energy field: smoke from head to toe, up, down, left, right, front and back, or sit and smoke the soles of the feet. If you don't want to be contaminated with the smell, you can do it before bathing without clothes.
    • Purify the crystal: wash the crystal with water and dry it, then use the smoke generated by burning to purify it.
    • Purify Object: Smokes and purifies clockwise around the object.
    • Purify the space: start from the center of the space and walk slowly clockwise, like a spiral to the periphery. Dark corners need to be cleaned more intensively.

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