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Represent wealth, health, and abundance. The ignited aroma helps to remove negative and negative emotions. The burning smell is more like wormwood, which helps relax and increase the sense of joy. At the same time, it helps to open the spiritual path of prosperity and abundance, healing and calming the mood, to get a balance of body and mind and a healthy life of prosperity.

Blue Sage | Blue Sage

  • At first, I tried blue sage because I was attracted by his “increasing abundance and attracting wealth”, so I tried it with curiosity. Try Zuo's work! And slowly, you will find that in addition to money, more importantly, you can increase your satisfaction with what you have. More able to feel the joy and satisfaction, triggering you to re-examine the many, many, many, many, no need to ask outside.

    ⚠️It is strongly recommended that after using the North American holy grass to clean up your emotions, you can use blue sage to enhance the sense of joy and maintain emotional balance.

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