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什麼是催眠治療 ?

What is hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a process of dialogue with the subconscious (inner). The hypnotic state is close to the state of meditating or about to go to sleep. Through hypnosis, you can find the most suitable outlet from the inside that corresponds to the biggest worries at this moment. Solve emerging conditions and physical and mental problems from the inside to the outside.

From the perspective of psychiatry, Freud said that "the subconscious has no sense of time" and that the problem will always be regarded as the "present tense." Our current physical condition, life or emotional problems, and even our personality are formed unknowingly because of problems or traumas that have occurred in the past that have not been resolved, which constantly affects our perception of things and makes us unable to freely and autonomously Make a decision.

From a spiritual point of view, hypnosis can connect the inner divine, the spiritual part of us. When we transform our mindsets or emotions from hypnosis, we are also breaking habit, recognizing and letting go of the concepts that made us painful in the past, eliminating karma, and fulfilling the problems in life.

Through the guidance of the therapist, we can help us find the root of the problem, free ourselves from the entangled problem, resolve the entanglement, find the inner strength, and make our life better from the inside to the outside. Let life be more free, more possibilities, and enjoy life more. Now, face your desire to become better! You deserve to be better!

催眠治療能處理什麼 ?

What can hypnotherapy handle?

Hypnotherapy can help you improve:
Health diseases and physical and mental symptoms, family relationships, intimacy, financial relationships, work problems, interpersonal relationships, improving character, dealing with shadows, dealing with emotions, letting go of heart knots, recalling memories, interpreting dreams, and recalling fetal period


During the treatment process, if the progress and conditions are appropriate, the therapist has the opportunity to teach appropriate communication skills and small exercises on belief transformation. After the client leaves the treatment room, he can clean up his emotions in his daily life and improve the receiving situation he wants to deal with. .


About Hypnotherapist: Po Tang 邓嘉保

RYT-200 international yoga instructor, NGH clinical hypnotherapist, and founder of The inners.


Po Tang believes that all physical conditions are psychosomatic, and that all dilemmas or emotional problems can be solved by communicating with the subconscious mind.


The therapist's self-exploration began with the loss of 4 important relatives within a year. It started by dealing with the pain of losing important relatives, reconciling with the dead father, and stepping out of the emotional valley. Furthermore, he faced and dealt with many of his own physical and mental disorders, including long-term fingering (OCD), sensitive gastrointestinal, and ovarian polycystic disease. Learning from the topics of life, Po Tang has experienced that all the sufferings and difficulties are gifts that encourage us to break through. Life is full of infinite possibilities, and we have 100% freedom to choose. Life is capable of suffering without pain, and peace and happiness are not limited to external people and everything.


Po Tang started by dealing with his own life issues and physical and mental illnesses, and extended it to apply his insights and experience to hypnotherapy client cases.


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