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This is an enhanced version of white sage at all! The aroma is strong, and the layering of the smell is very rich. Deeply purify the aura and space to help enter a state of meditation. Suitable for spiritual practitioners and those who are confused about a certain problem. Black sage is used in many rituals or magics of viewing, connecting, divination, out-of-body, and dreaming in Europe and the United States.


The role includes the formation of protection, bringing about foreseen dreams or lucid dreams, or clear dreams with special messages, etc. It also helps to enhance intuition to receive information from the universe, heal and restore self-protection, and return to self. It can stimulate your thinking, bring unique answers to confusion, and induce you to develop more powerful energy into the deep shallow consciousness.


[Use experience sharing] According to personal experience, black tail grass can lead the user into the dream scene, corresponding to/bringing out/amplifying the problems/emotions in life, so as to understand the problem, find the root of the problem, and prescribe the right medicine. Save the situation under not underestimated. If you are confused about some problems or situations, you can give it a try. One of the long-term clients is a Feng Shui master, who has strong spiritual power. He sincerely recommends that black sage can drive away evil spirits and demons. Friends with stronger spiritual power can use Li to watch the door when approaching the seventh month of the lunar calendar! If you feel more upset during the seventh month of the lunar calendar, I sincerely recommend using black sage for peace of mind. 👻👹


. It is difficult to trust intuition and people who have difficulty receiving inspiration. When you feel that the negative energy of yourself or space is biased. When doing divination or in need of inspiration

. Feeling confused about a certain thing or situation, and want to find an answer

. Before meditation

. Suspicion is better than the spirit body

Black Sage | Black Sage

  • • When self-energy or negative space energy is biased.
    • When fearful, depressed, confused, and difficult to calm down.
    • When you feel energy "uncomfortable" with places, spaces, and objects.
    • Purify new spaces, such as new offices, residences, cars...
    • Purify second-hand items or energy items, such as crystals, antiquities, singing bowls...
    • New Year's cleaning, go to the old to welcome the new.
    • Before/during meditation.
    • Suitable for spiritual practitioners, masseurs, therapists, spiritual workers, etc.
    • Clean up the spatial aura/energy field, such as before and after spiritual classes/party, before and after meditation practice and treatment.

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